Power 2-In-1 After Shave Moisturizer

Count On The Cutman

What’s a cutman? He’s the guy you always find in the corner of a great fighter, who stands ready to patch him up and get him back out there, ready to go another round. MMA fighters wouldn’t make it through a bout without cutmen like Jacob Duran, and Mohammad Ali wouldn’t have become a legend without Angelo Dundee at his back.

And now, at Cutman Skin Care, we’ve got your back with The Double KO! It’s 4.5 ounces of nirvana for your face – just that much more than those other guys give you. Because here’s the ugly truth: Your face needs it; every guy’s does. Running that razor over it day in, day out is a recipe for facial disaster – unless you give yourself some help.

Help like aloe vera, propolis, reishi, and green tea to recharge and revitalize your face every day. Then, the shea butter, jojoba and sweet almond oil combo go to work giving your face back all the moisture it lost thanks to your razor. And all the while you’re feeling the cool burst of menthol soothing away that burning and irritation.

The Double KO Is The Real Deal: It’ll even work its magic if you haven’t shaved in a couple days – (just don’t bother rubbing it into your beard.) It’s an aftershave-moisturizer that works to keep your face looking, feeling, and even smelling spectacular; just ask the ladies. And we make it right here in the USA.

Face First: Any fighter was free to toss his cutman out on his ear if he wasn’t doing his job, and the same goes for us. If for any reason you don’t like The Double KO, just tell us so, and we’ll immediately process your full refund – you keep the bottle. It doesn’t get any easier than thatWant to feel like the million dollar man whether you’re on the job or on the town? Make the guys wonder whether you found a master barber? Ditch that old aftershave and feel the difference.

Put Your Best Face Forward…

“Hail Cutman! I finally found a moisturizer that just works. Simple and light, just what I needed!”

- Jason K



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